June 28, 2022

Most Popular Brands of Wine Coolers

When looking for the perfect wine cooler brand, there are several things you have to consider – the most important one being your budget. From brands that will keep your wallet happy, to prestigious brands that offer all the latest gizmos for a premium price, let’s take a look at the most popular wine cooler brands.

Most popular budget wine cooler brands

Let’s start off with some budget wine cooler brands. One of the most popular budget brands out there is Wine Enthusiasts. They offer excellent budget wine coolers, with features such as dual-zone temperature control, and 32-bottle capacity. Most of their wine coolers fall under the $500 range.

Another great budget wine cooler brand is CDA. CDA offers a wide variety of sleek, sophisticated and reliable wine coolers for an affordable price. Models range from small countertop models to large wine coolers capable of housing more than 100 bottles. Many of their models also fall under the $500 price range.

Most popular mid-range wine cooler brands

When talking about popular mid-range wine cooler brands, we need to establish what mid-range is. For the sake of this article, mid-range is anything over $500, although many models will come close to the $1,000 mark, or even surpass it.

La Sommelier is an excellent French brand which offers high quality wine coolers at a reasonable price. They have a long history of over 15 years in the business. Their wine coolers are affordable, creeping slightly into the premium wine cooler range. They also offer stand alone wine fridges. La Sommelier offers several wine cooler ranges, from Prestige to Traditional, they’re guaranteed to have what you’re looking for.

Yet another French brand, Avintage is La Sommelier’s competitor in the wine cooler market, and as such offers very competitive prices in comparison. Avintage offers built-in, freestanding and under-the-counter wine coolers.

Most popular premium wine cooler brands

When entering the world of premium wine cooler brands, it’s important to note that many models will break the bank, with some costing upwards of $3,000. Thus, it’s important that you know what you’re getting for your money.

Dunavox is one of the best premium wine cooler brands out there. They offer a catalogue of different wine cooler ranges and designs, such as Dunavox Eol, Dunavox Grande and so on. If you’re looking for a premium wine cooler for your home, then the Dunavox Home range is what you’re going to look at. The majority of Dunavox Home coolers offer dual zone temperature control, and are freestanding. Smaller models will set you back near $1,000.

Swisscave is yet another premium wine cooler brand. They employ a team of wine connoisseurs to advise them on what the best wine cooler should have to offer, and it shows. Small 35 bottle models will set you back $1,500, a built-in, dual-zone wine cooler with a 50-bottle capacity will set you back almost $4,000. However, with premium prices comes premium quality, and that is guaranteed with Swisscave. After many years in the business, they are still thriving, having even expanded into other niches, such as cigar humidors.


There are many popular wine cooler brands out there, be it on a budget, or if you’re looking to splurge a little.